Final game idea

So during all this time i've been researching lots of ways to make the project follow current trends of natural resource management simulations and climate change games, and i've found i think a good solution.

The game will be a live manifesto advocating for the adoption of plant-based diets to help reduce the carbon footprint of humans.

I've come to the conclussion that there are already enough games about recycling, sustainable farming and responsible energy consumption (and that they probably did a better job than i could possibly do), so i'm just going to go ahead and make a bold move by making a game that invites its players to eat less meat.


The game will be a management/god game. Think Sim City, Dwarf Fortress or Anno 1404.

The goal of the game will be to guide a community of human islanders to live on their island as long as you can.

Several natural disasters could prevent you from doing so: droughts, tsunamis and even plagues are on your way to make your civilization thrive.

Your villagers start with simple dietary habits: they only eat wheat.

As the game goes on, your villagers will start demanding more food types, all animal-based. They'll start by demanding fish, then milk, then meat.

As more and more villagers are being born into the island, more and more land will need to be devoted to animal ranching, eventually prompting a drought, or a famine, or the ecological collapse of your island.

But there is a solution: Expeditions.

You can order some of your villagers to go on on an Expeditions. Expeditions can be set on the Docks, and they have  a possibility of bringing home a Super Plant.  A Super Plant can be farmed to substitute one animal-farmed food. As the game goes on, more and more expeditions can be made, until the player gets all the Super Plants. It's at this time that the game will be practically over.

At least, that's the idea.

Thank you very much for following ReWild's development.

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