Games i've been playing these days to get inspiration from

I've been playing some games to get some inspiration going. All of those are Android games and can be freely (if i don't say the opposite in the description) downloaded from the Google Play Store. Here are their names and my thought about them.

Pixel Farm - Farming simulatior game played in portrait mode with pixel aesthetic.

My Oasis - Zen game about growing a garden in your mobile device. It is a clicker game with low poly 3D graphics.

Dont Starve - I actually payed for this one. It is a survival game about resisting the harshenss of nature and varius monster attacks.

Eden - Weird game, low poly 3D graphics with very questionable usability.

Island Survival - This game actually caught my attaention because the dev used the same tileset i'm currently using. It is a survival game with kind of bad usability.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp - A simplified version of the original Animal Crossing series for mobile devices. An industry giant with a very high ammount of polish.

Powder Game - A mobile version of the popular sandbox classic with the same name. It basically is a physics simulation game that lets the player toy with various substances that interact with themselves.

Seabeard - An Animal Crossing-like game. The objective of it is to help restore the beauty of an island via various quests for the islanders.

Aquavias - A relaxing puzzle game with a very sohisticated colour palette.

Mindustry - A Factorio meets tower defense for mobile platforms. Pretty cool.

Desertopia - An idle clicking game that consists of watering a desert to help nature in it sprout again. Buggy and unbalanced.

Topsoil - A relaxing crop-themed puzzle game.

Greening 2 - An idle game about terraforming tiny planets. Sounds cooler than it actually is.

Charming Keep - An idle clicker management game about rescuing princes (yes, princes) with a cutsie artstyle.

Pocket Plants - Pretty well done plant watering simulator.

Castaway Paradise - An Animal Crossing-like game, very much like the original but simplified.

Little Evolution - Tamagochi-like game about breeding cute monsters and feeding them. Full of ads and kind of unusable.

I got Worms - An idle game about... worms? It's pretty interesting the way it combines snake mechanics and idle ones.

DOKDO - A pirate game. Pretty cool.

Assembly Line - Idle game where the player can build an assembly line to produce goods. The efficiency of the assembling line affects resource output per second. A cool fusion between management mechanics and idle ones.

Underhand - Reigns-like card game about running a cult. The player faces some challenges and though questions in their quest of conquering the world.

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