Changes in Alpha 0.1.0 and other ramblings

So today i uploaded the alpha 0.1.0 to the play store. It should be visible in a matter of hours.

What has been implemented:

  • Shop Interface for buying Items ( mainly plants for now )
  • Inventory interface to access your bought goods and use them on the game
  • Basic plant mechanics such as 
    • Planting plants
    • Plant growth
    • Plant growth rewards

What did i learn during the development of this version

  • Using Unity's tilemap is actually really cool and better than actually coding your own
  • Android built games have no filesystem, so you have to access to resources asynchronously through a coroutine
  • For multiplatform compatibility it is better to use built-in filesystem-dependant separators for file paths such as Environment.NewLine and Path.Combine
  • Invisible UI elements block raycasts and have to be added to a CanvasGroup to actually tell them to behave properly and ignore raycast when needed.

I now am on the process of implementing real mechanics to the game. I have several ideas for what to make next:

  • A forest simulator - Ecology game where the player handles a tiny ecosystem in their device. It would operate on the same basis a real ecosystem does.
  • A network based game - Plants have to be "connected" between them to survive, and the player has to build a network of plants to grow their forest.

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